JDAI POS Development Roadmap

(Latest revision on Sept 29th, 2013)
This is a tentative road map for Jdai-POS and does not imply a commitment to deliver. The proposed dates may change due to the workload of the development team and the content of each release could vary depending on market changes. If this occurs the roadmap will be updated to reflect these changes.
The current production release is Jdai POS 3.01 which was released in Sept 2013 and this road map assumes that release as base line.
At any point, you can monitor the current feature candidates for the next releases in the Roadmap page of the Jdai Issue Tracker.
Feedback on this roadmap is welcome. Please express your comments in the Open Discussion forum.
When a new release enters the stabilization phase (alpha and beta releases), the content of the next release is planned and its delivery can be monitored on the release status page.

Jdai POS 3.10

Release schedule

  • 3.10 beta: (November 2013)
  • 3.10 production (December 2013)


New features

Improved user interface and functionalities for Jdai POS synchronization
New hardware devices supported
Functionality developed by community projects integrated in the main branch of Jdai POS.

Bug fixing

ERP-POS synchronization issues.
Amount rounding issues and Tax calculation issues.

Jdai POS 3.20

  • 3.20 beta
  • 3.20 production

The content of this release is currently being planned. Release dates will be published after plan is completed.