Which POS terminal is the best for you?


We create beautiful POS terminal.

The layout of a store can be crucial, and the pos is the heart of that store. What you place around it is as important as where it is. Without realizing it, you can be making your business more or less appealing depending on where the point of sale is placed.


Tiny, slim and space saving.

With space at a premium, compact stores are the choice of the majority. But there’s a lot you can do with little. – First function, then form – Do the division right – Illusion of space


Compact, all in one.

- Unique, easy-to-wake deep sleep saves another 47 percent on energy costs
- Tool free, front entry access reduces service time and cost
- Jdai Remote Management Agent enables system and device management from a central location


Simple, Yet Highly Effective.

- NEW! Superior Intel® technology for higher performance to handle the most advanced applications with blazing speeds
- NEW! Enhanced graphics for training videos and for compelling customer-facing marketing
- NEW! More energy savings – 15 to 30 percent more energy efficient