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Provide A.I solutions with your budget and Plan.Technology If we cannot do great things, we can do small things in a great way

Jdai offers Rapid development High quality Low price

to meet your goals and provides a competitive edge in the market.

Products & Services

Frontend Dev

Using Angular, React, VUE etc as frondent framework to create modern WEB UI, optimize the web UI to improve your UX

Backend Dev

Build code that allows a database and an application to communicate with one another. We take care and maintain the back-end, Including databases, servers, apps and whatever users don't see.

System Infra

We build flexible, reliable and secure infrastructure, help an enterprise meet its goals and provide a competitive edge in the market.

Mobile App

We choose the right development approach for your projects, consider the desired user experience, the computing resources and native features required by the app, the development budget, time targets, and resources available to maintain the app.


Artificial intelligence is being used in hundreds of ways all around us. It has changed our world and made our lives more convenient and interesting. Some of the many uses of AI you may know include: Machine Learning Deep learning Cognitive computing Computer vision

Big Data

Analyse, Process and Extract the information from an extremely complex and large data sets We use Data Storage Data Mining Data Analytics Data Visualization technology to process the traditional Data Processing Software could never deal with.

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A.I Solution + IT Technology

Co-work with legacy IT system to improve your business

Jdai provides cutting-edge solutions that can help your business solve problems, automate tasks, and serve your customers better. AI-based systems excel at tasks like suggesting products users may like, analyzing large volumes of data, and automating monotonous jobs to help people save time.

Research & development

Giving people the power to build future through research and innovation , empowering and changing the business.

For us, research is a global concern. We know that tackling the world’s most complex technology challenges requires a diverse set of backgrounds and perspectives–and our teams of scientists and engineers reflect that.

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